Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Shop! Woohoo!

I have a shop! Or at least, I have an online shop!

There is now a 'The Silver Hide' shop over on Etsy, which I suspect a lot of people have heard of - but for those who haven't: it's an online marketplace (a bit like Ebay) that focuses on stuff made by individuals.


Granted at the moment it doesn't look very pretty, is kinda under-stocked and doesn't have any of the leather work in there yet... but it's there! Big boost to confidence to have actually gone through the process of setting it up and getting it running. Further boost after mentioning it over on the facebook page, as I get shop stats and it's wonderful to be able to see that the shop has actually been looked at, and indeed individual listings have been clicked on, huzzah!

Admittedly I was a bit dubious about using something like Etsy, because my work (and it's prices) have to compete with a) a lot of other people's work which is readily viewable and b) a lot of hobbyist's prices - which tend to be lower as they aren't necessarily accounting for cost in terms of time.

However, at the end of the day, if someone really likes something you've made, then they'll buy it. This is quite an important thing to remember, although it's a lot easier to hold to once you start getting regular sales. I would cross my fingers and hope... but I'd be far better off uploading more of my small pile of current stock, and then going to the craft room and Making More Stuff.

Tara for now

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