Thursday, 2 January 2014


Whoops, haven't written in a while... so here's a rundown of the Christmas period...

I made a giant squid!

He's 6ft long, made of purple felt and patterned fabric, and has been named Sid. I used this guide, but reduced all the measurements by 1/4 and only used 1kg of stuffing in the end. I may end up opening up a seam to add some more stuffing at some point, because Dom keeps hugging him so much he's going to get flattened...

I've also had the needle felting kit out over the holidays, making little round animal things like this frog on a lily pad:

The holiday was spent travelling around the countryside to visit family. Other than taking an hour to travel 6 miles along the M25 on the first day of travelling, we seem to have avoided the year's road issues. We did however eventually get home to a defrosted freezer - the weather the day we left appears to have caused a power cut -.- Still, could've been worse. We didn't get flooded or experience any damage to the house, and the kitchen floor is tiled so survived being wet for a few days. The only significant loss was the gammon joint we'd had in the freezer, along with a few sausages and some beef mince. Really not the end of the world, but better to throw them out than risk food poisoning!

Business wise, this Christmas was actually a bit of a flop sadly. Very few sales, due in no small part I imagine to only making it to one little Christmas fair. General organisation fail and lack of prior awareness of what fairs were available certainly didn't help either. However! At least now I have some idea what to work towards for next time, and despite reaching a bit of a low point mentally again, I seem to have come through the holidays with a seed of fresh enthusiasm tucked away in my head - hopefully if I'm careful with it and encourage it gently into the light the year will get off to a good start!

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