Monday, 27 January 2014

Weekend productivity

My weekends are most often started off with all the good intentions - do that bit of housework that I've been diligently ignoring, do some work on some Larp kit, maybe experiment with some possible leatherwork designs, finally finish going through some boxes of Stuff from the move last year...

My weekends usually devolve rapidly into lounging around, eating yummy things, playing around on the computer, and eventually remembering that I had meant to do other stuff.

This weekend was one of the rarer ones where I actually got some stuff done.

The main thing was having a clothing clear out, which resulted in three bags (little shopping bags, not bin bags!) of clothes being sent off down to a charity shop. Remarkably cathartic actually. Open drawer, try on various pairs of trousers I'd forgotten I even owned, then stuff them all in a bag because they don't fit any more. Open another drawer, apply same treatment to a surprisingly large stack of polo neck tops that I'd accumulated, then go through the stack of 'nice' tops and pack away all the stuff I just don't wear. There was at least one thing I'd clearly never worn - still had a tag on it!

I've actually been through this process a few times in the last year or so - filled at least one black bag before moving to Brighton, and I think then half filled another when I got here and unpacked what I'd thought I was keeping. Right now I'm mostly just wondering where on earth I managed to store it all before o.0

On a business related note, I also did a lot of thinking about photography (for the Etsy page mostly). I'd been reading lots of advice about it last week, having realised that my current standard still isn't quite right. Not that I really expect to end up as good as if I got a professional to do it, but I could certainly improve on what I've been doing myself.

The problem I have is that silver photos quite nicely against a pale background (just comes out really shiny/white against darker backgrounds), however I often end up losing the beads in a piece against the pale background. Mother of pearl for instance pretty much disappears against the nice white sheepskin I'd been using as a background. So! I needed something that both the silver and the beads would photo well against, but I also wanted to keep the sheepskin involved since I use that for the leather work photos and consistency throughout all your product photos is supposedly a good thing (which sounds like a valid point to me).

Here's an example.

You can see how the pale green beads get lost against the sheepskin on the left, but are once again visible on the right, while the grey-blue suede still doesn't cause the silver to come out too bright.

I'm pretty happy with this solution... for now at least!

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