Thursday, 20 February 2014

Etsy School week two/three

Right. I was supposed to write on Monday about how last week's Etsy school stuff went, which was all about photography.

Let me summarise: Rain, rain, gloom, storm, rain...wait for it wait for it... sunshine!...gloom. Or something like that, anyway.

Saturday, granted, was mostly quite pleasant - however I was also out of the house for most of the day so couldn't use the opportunity to take fresh product photos. At one point the sun managed to come out at the right time of day to actually light up the area I use for photos, so out came the camera...and then about ten minutes later said camera's battery died. You can imagine the look I gave it, knowing full well that by the time it was properly charged again the sun would be gone.

So yes. Photography week has been a bit of a flop for me - at least in terms of getting new photos taken anyway. I confess I have also failed miserably at communicating with my partner to go through the School exercises for the week, and frankly I don't think I can claim to have done any better this week - I mean, when did we reach Thursday? o.0

At least I do feel I've made some progress with how I want to compose my shots, and the few products I managed to get pictures of gave me some practice using props and trying to find my '5 shots' for jewellery items - which I find a bit awkward. Also at least at the start of the week the communication thing was going well and my school partner supplied a really good idea for props that simply hadn't occurred to me at all, so that was good.

My only defence (aside from blaming the Good Old British Weather) is having been busy preparing for my first craft fair of the year. I'll be selling at the Brighton Craft Fair this Saturday, 22nd Feb, and am currently rushing headlong into that panicky state of 'ohmygodwhatifI'mtotallyunderprepared'. In reality, I suspect my display kit will indeed be upgraded and improved over the year, but should at least get me through this weekend as it stands. As for stock levels... one minute I'll say "yup, I'm happy with what I've got to take, I reckon I'll be fine", and the next minute I'm back to "Oh gawd, do I really have enough stuff? What if I don't? What if my table looks utterly empty compared to everyone else's?".

I suspect I will still be switching between these two attitudes every other minute right up until I'm set up and can no longer possibly do anything about it. This is kinda normal for me, although I hope that by this time next year I shall be able to say it's a thing of the past and that I am now totally in control, with fully stocked boxes of lovely things ready to be beautifully displayed at the drop of a hat. That'd be nice.

This third week of the month was supposed to be going over SEO stuff. I should, y'know, probably take a look at that... >.<

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