Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Etsy Teams

Thought I would bubble about Etsy for a bit...

I set up the Etsy shop back in September, although I don't think I actually got as far as having a full page of stock until January. I also neglected to look into the Community side of Etsy, which I now think was pretty daft of me.

In early January I got a message from an Etsy Admin telling me about the 'Brighton Team' meet-up - to which my initial response was pretty much "Eh? What?". Turns out, Etsy Teams are not made up of Etsy staff members (as I had vaguely assumed without bothering to look at it properly), but rather are collaborations of people who buy or sell (or both) on Etsy.

The Brighton Team has a surprising number of people in it, including at least one person I recognise from a craft fair last year. Maybe it shouldn't be so surprising - Etsy is after all a pretty well established online selling platform, and Brighton's not so small either.

The best thing though? I AM NOT ALONE. Hurrah! (Can't help but be amused at myself here... "so you want to be self employed, be your own boss eh?" "Yes! ...oh wait...kinda lonely now...")

Suddenly there are all these people I can talk to who also Like Making Things. This is awesome. Also, there's a good mix of new and old hands when it comes to selling on Etsy, so suddenly there is all this advice and support available from people who are trying/succeeding with something I am now trying to do.

This month for instance Etsy are running a 'school' program through the Team networks - Etsy provide some guidelines and materials for us as a team to work through, all aimed at improving our shops. I signed up, and am now facing the fun of Shop Critiques (there should be some ominous music here, I'm sure).

Being me I got a bit nervous about this at first, but actually a lot of what we're supposed to look at this month is stuff I was thinking about looking at anyway, like photography and item descriptions. So now I have someone else to help me actually get on with it, and to help with idea when I get myself all in a muddle, which means that by the end of the month the shop will hopefully have undergone a bit of a makeover.

You know what? I think I might even go so far as to try and commit to blogging about it along the way. One a week, shall we say? Maybe two this week - this one plus one to go over the results of the shop critiquing exercise.

...heh, I'mma gonna have me a montage! *gets Rocky montage stuck in own head*...

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