Thursday, 13 March 2014


Last time I wrote we (being me & Dom) were about to head off towards Bude for the weekend. A bit of a pick & mix weekend of businessy bits, family visits, mini holiday and celebrations with friends. Today I'd like to just talk about that trip - quite off topic, but hey, maybe you'd really like to know about Bude?

On the business side of things, I had a brief meeting with a potential retailer, and then went on to restock my selection of gloveweight leathers. There are now some lovely blues and blue-greens, and several reds waiting to be turned into pouches or notebooks or who knows what.

The mini holiday bit was quite delightful. We'd gone to Bude to celebrate a birthday and a wedding, but were there for a little while to either side of the party so had a chance to walk around in the sunshine and just... relax. Admittedly, there doesn't seem to be much to do in Bude other than just relax, so it wasn't too difficult to do.

We watched a flock (or possibly a raft) of new surfers splashing about just off the beach, as well as some of their more experienced counterparts a little further out.

I found it interesting to see that a lot of the people in what appeared to be the beginner group had quite bright colours on their suits, whereas the ones further out generally seemed to be wearing just black. Not sure if this is just down to newbie enthusiasm, or if beginners get given bright colours to make them easier to find if they get washed out to sea...

We'd found a relatively sheltered picnic bench halfway up a hill from which to watch, and I had fun just being a happy snapper with the camera for a while. Managed to catch a couple of people who actually made it upright, although looking through all the pictures once I got home it also seems I gradually accumulated fluff on the camera lens! I have a series of shots with increasing numbers of fuzzy grey smudges all over the place, but never mind.

Finding dinner was interesting when we arrived on Friday night - it seems Bude does not have much of a restaurant selection, which was unfortunate since we were in the mood for restaurant food as opposed to pub grub. We found one Indian restaurant (fancy a curry? No, not really...), one chinese restaurant (hmm, maybe... ), and then eventually ran across Olive Tree (not to be confused with The Olive Tree, which is apparently completely different).

We went in, sat down, umm-ed and ahh-ed over the menu for a bit, and then upon being told the daily special was a seafood risotto with pan fried pollock both promptly ordered that (Hurrah - we wanted fish!). The starters were lovely - I had wild mushrooms on toast, with a poached egg, and it was a proper runny-in-the-middle poached egg too - and the risotto was delicious. My only possible complaint was that I almost couldn't finish it, because the portion size was quite generous! Not that I would ever claim to be a reliable food critic or anything. I liked it, Dom liked his, we'd definitely eat there again.

Ok, so that's probably enough about Bude. What about the rest of this week? Well, I got back feeling very much refreshed and ready to get going on a bunch of new ideas. So far I've written a lot of things down, started on a felt project, continued the scroll prototype, been sidetracked by some long-ignored tidying, and then been wiped out for an entire day by a headache that felt like someone had inserted a bar of hot lead behind both eyeballs. It was the kind of headache that goes BOOM every time you move, and leaves you feeling kind of sick as well. Not a happy Wednesday for me. There's a bit of it still lurking, but I do seem to be over the utterly horrible part and hopefully this last lingering ache will be gone tomorrow.

So! I have vague plans for the next week, which involve updating the gallery with some more things, and probably also adding another listing or two to the shop. I'm still keeping my plans vague though, as I seem to get much more done that way than if I tell myself I absolutely have to do things in a particular order.

Tara for now, and may the sunshine we're currently experiencing not go away too soon!

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