Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Return

So much for that 'one post a month' plan! My only excuse is that life happened. I would not advise having a slipped disc - it is not a fun experience, and can leave you laid up in bed for weeks. Follow that up with a slow and cautious house move and two whole months can sneak past without you looking.

As for July and August, I honestly haven't a clue. How is it September already?!

Last time I wrote, I mentioned that I was going to be looking for a job whilst putting The Silver Hide on the back burner. This is still the case, although the bad back and the house move proved a significant delaying tactic to actually getting on with any of it. Aggravatingly the slipped disc kicked in around the same time I downloaded the trial versions of Photoshop and Illustrator, which meant that I couldn't actually sit at the computer to practice like I'd planned!

Happily Adobe sent out a refresher of the trial offers to boost awareness of the 2014 changes in both programs, so I got a second chance. This time I remembered to activate the trials one at a time, just in case anything else decided to blow up in my face in the near future.

Alongside the art practice, I also decided to pick up some HTML and CSS skills since I'd been seeing these listed quite often in the internship ads I was looking at. I've been using the tutorials on Codecademy to get started, and then picking up useful snippets from various sources in the process of building myself a new site (yes, another one).
My design/artwork portfolio can now be found over at Giddy Minnow Designs. The site still feels fairly basic, and could do with a few improvements like enlarged versions of the gallery images on clicking, and some more small images dotted through the text sections. The important thing for now is that it exists.
Edit: sadly the site is still having some issues if viewed in Safari, which apparently doesn't like .svg images and adds lots of excess height to them - making for some rather odd layout alterations!

In other news, the Etsy shop had some leather pouches added a little while back. I have plans to add some more things soon, but the way my plans seem to have gone of late I'd rather not promise a date for those updates :/

That's all for now. Still alive, still looking to move forward. Fingers crossed.